Client testimonials

Alexandra Stein, MPT

I love being a physical therapist and it has been a life-long dream of mine to start up my own physical therapy practice. I’m very proud to introduce AMS Physical Therapy, Inc located in Encino. It is my goal to render the best possible physical therapy care to each and every patient in order to optimize functional outcomes and prevent future injury. I genuinely care about every patient and no one is just a number here at AMS PT. I look forward to working with you.

Kelly (Miho) M, Granada Hills, CA:

After suffering a season and career ending gymnastics injury- rupturing my Achilles tendon, Alexandra Stein helped me get back on my feet. Each day I went into the office, I knew that she genuinely cared about my recovery, and her sole goal was to help me get back to the normal, active lifestyle I was accustomed to. Alexandra Stein is a knowledgeable and eclectic physical therapy provider. She has a positive and encouraging attitude that is tremendously contagious. With all her support and skilled expertise, I saw significant improvements in strength and abilities. I am back to running again- Thank you, Alexandra for everything you’ve done for me!

Dirk K, Woodland Hills, CA:

When I ruptured my Achilles tendon at the age of 69, I personally researched and visited several physical therapy offices in the Valley. I finally found AMS Physical Therapy, Inc through the recommendation of my chiropractor who knew that I was not looking for a practice where I was treated with multiple other patients at once but where I was given personal attention from the same physical therapist who would carefully supervise my exercise program and progress. I made the right choice when I selected AMS PT. My return 'to normal' was fast. I am now back to hiking, skiing and playing tennis again. Certainly, I took the exercise regimen seriously, but so did Alexandra Stein who developed it.

Stephanie Rade, DO, West Hills, CA:

Alexandra Stein is an amazing physical therapist who genuinely cares about her patients. I tore my rotator cuff and had agonizing pain. Alexandra gave me one on one personalized attention and even after the first visit, I started to feel better. After 8 sessions, I was back to my baseline and pain free! She gave me a home exercise program that I still use on a regular basis and I have continued to be pain free. She is an expertly trained and skillful physical therapist and is very accommodating with scheduling. Her facility is in a great location and there is always plenty of parking! A must! AMS PT is highly recommended!!!!

Elaine L. Rosen, MD, FAAP, Encino, CA:

Over the past five years, I have worked with Alexandra Stein on both a personal and professional level. Initially, she was referred to me by Dr. Byron Patterson for rehabilitation of a sports injury of mine. I was impressed by her knowledge, thoroughness, and bedside manner. Subsequently, I began referring business to her professionally, and as I embarked on development of a medical weight management practice, was thrilled to have Alex as part of a team of exceptional professionals. She is both intelligent and personable, two qualities that are to be highly valued in a health care provider!

Sharon W, Sherman Oaks, CA:

In 2005, I suffered a spinal cord injury and was referred to physical therapy post surgery. Alexandra Stein was my assigned therapist who oversaw my treatment. I had never been through such an experience and have to admit I was apprehensive at first. I was in a lot of pain and had very little movement in my neck. What ensued over the following weeks was one of the nicest experiences of my life. Alexandra Stein was truly concerned about my progress, pain relief and general well being. She tailored my treatment plan to my lifestyle and within a short period of time, I was back to my full routine and pain free. What stood out to me was her knowledge, expertise, professionalism and nurturing way. Initially I thought I would dread my visits, but I came to look forward to them. As important as the physical treatment was, Alexandra Stein created an environment that was generally soothing and uplifting. At the conclusion of every session, I felt rejuvenated – both physically and mentally. She treated the total person – it wasn’t only about my injury. I have since remained pain free and continue to enjoy my life to the fullest. I can honestly say that I miss the time spent with her, and if the need were to arise again for physical therapy, I would, without hesitation, retain her services.

Katie S, Sherman Oaks, CA:

I started going to Alexandra Stein close to 6 years ago when I was a competitive soccer player. Playing on two teams simultaneously resulted in several overuse injuries, and Alexandra Stein helped get me back on track every time. Her comprehensive physical therapy knowledge allowed for me to gain overall strength to not only overcome current injuries, but to prevent future ones as well. Alexandra is hands-down the best physical therapist I have ever worked with, and it is because of this that my family started going to her for injury treatment as well. Both my mother and father sought her expertise when they suffered debilitating injuries. We have all benefitted from the skill and care that Alexandra Stein provides to all of her patients. Consequently, I have found a mentor and big sister in Alexandra and she has made a huge impact on my life.

David Ephraim, Sherman Oaks, CA:

I had a serious arm injury (distal humerus) fracture which three doctors were afraid to treat because serious nerve damage was a risk factor. When I finally did find the right doctor to surgically repair my arm, I went to AMS Physical Therapy for specialized physical therapy shortly after surgery. Alexandra Stein was absolutely incredible; focused, efficient, intelligent, comforting, timely…all you can ask for really. Every AMS PT treatment session is a quality one due to one- on-one licensed physical therapist supervision and versatile equipment. Each session was a bit unique, in my experience, and certainly accelerated the rate at which I regained my strength. Three months after surgery and I am feeling great… I am playing tennis, swimming, lifting weights. I owe a ton to AMS Physical Therapy and I recommend AMS PT over anyone.

Erica N, Woodland Hills, CA:

After suffering a knee injury, Alexandra Stein helped me to regain my strength and flexibility while educating me about the my injury and how to avoid injuries in the future. Thanks to Alexandra, I have been able to take up running again! Before working with her, I did not think that would be possible.

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