Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

AMS Physical Therapy is a private physical therapist owned orthopedic and sports medicine clinic located in Encino. Below is what you should expect to take place on your initial physical therapy consult. The treatment duration is 45-60 minutes. Please do not forget to wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes to all physical therapy sessions. Bring your printed and completed new patient packet.

The following are frequently asked questions about physical therapy and the services offered by AMS PT.

Q1: What can I expect for my first physical therapy session?

A1: The licensed physical therapist will first conduct an interview and discuss with you- your medical history, your current complaint, your pain level, aggravating and easing factors, ability to perform daily tasks and functional issues, your medications, previous medical tests & procedures, and physical therapy goals. Then the therapist will perform the objective exam which includes: range of motion, muscle strength testing, muscle flexibility, assess gait, postural evaluation, evaluate joint and soft tissue integrity, and perform functional capacity testing. After all the tests and measures are performed, the physical therapist creates and individual specific physical therapy treatment program.

Q2: Q1: What do I need to bring to the first physical therapy session?

A2: Come to the physical therapy session with: your paperwork filled out, bring the physical therapy prescription, your insurance card, and photo ID.

Q3: What should I wear to the first physical therapy session?

A3: Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that exposes the involved area/body part.

Q4: How long is each physical therapy treatment session?

A4: The first session is typically longer- expect 45 to 60 minutes for each treatment.

Q5: How long will I need to come to physical therapy?

A5: Physical therapy treatment duration varies based on severity of condition and the symptoms involved. Expect longer recovery after trauma/more complex surgery due to muscle weakness associated with limited movement.

Q6: What is the role of the physical therapist?

A5: Physical therapy treatment duration varies based on severity of condition and the symptoms involved. Expect longer recovery after trauma/more complex surgery due to muscle weakness associated with limited movement.

Q7: Will my healthcare insurance pay for my physical therapy treatment?

A7: Most of the time your healthcare coverage will pay for physical therapy; however, the treatment is subject to the limitations of your health insurance coverage. A physical therapy prescription is required in most cases. Ask your doctor if physical therapy is right for you and your condition. AMS Physical Therapy, Inc is in network with Anthem Blue Cross PPO, Blue Shield PPO, Medicare, and Coventry/First Health MPN. AMS PT accepts all PPO insurances with out of network physical therapy coverage as well as provides affordable cash rates and packages.

Q8: Who will see me at AMS Physical Therapy?

A8: The same licensed physical therapist will evaluate you and render the physical therapy treatment each visit. All the treatment programs are individual specific and are one-on-one.

Q9: Will physical therapy be painful?

A9: Most of the time physical therapy treatment is not painful and in fact helps relieve pain symptoms. However, there are cases where physical therapy can be uncomfortable and can reproduce pain symptoms. It is important to differentiate between “good” pain associated with muscle soreness and end range stretching and “bad” pain that brings on your exact same pain symptoms. Please get involved with your treatment and communicate with your physical therapist what it is that you are experiencing.

Q10: What kind of physical therapy treatment can I expect to receive at AMS PT?

A10: You will receive individual specific postural re-education, injury prevention strategies, pain relief techniques both manual therapy performed by licensed physical therapist as well as self administered stretching and trigger point relief, active and passive range of motion, functional training exercise for stretching and strengthening, mat pilates core stabilization programs, gait training, fall prevention, balance programs- whatever is appropriate to your condition and desired activity level.

Q11: Will massage be a part of my physical therapy treatment?

A11: Massage may be a small portion of your treatment based on your condition. However, massage is not appropriate for all cases and needs to be followed up by stretching, strengthening, or joint motion in order to facilitate muscle memory in order to maximize functional treatment gains

ams pt is located 16550 Ventura Blvd, Suite 205, Encino, CA 91436